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Low Vision Services in Southampton, NY

Low vision is a visual impairment that is not corrected through glasses, contact lenses or surgery. The condition often causes a reduction in visual acuity in central or peripheral vision. Low vision is caused by eye diseases such as Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Diabetic Retinopathy, and Cataracts, with the patient’s vision being worse than 20/70.

Unfortunately, traditional eye correction techniques like standard eyeglasses, prescriptions, contact lenses, or surgery cannot correct the patient’s vision. However, with the right low vision devices and telescopic glasses, you can once again read, drive, and enjoy your regained independence.

Low Vision Services in Garden City

We Are Your Trusted Suffolk County Low Vision Doctor

At Low Vision Optometry, we understand how important vision is to live a comfortable, enjoyable, and quality life. Our low vision doctor helps patients navigate the many options to help each patient find the best low vision devices and glasses, which will make it possible for you to achieve the vision goals that are most important to you.

Low vision devices can help you carry out activities such as reading, recognizing faces, watching sports from the stands, watching TV, driving, grocery shopping, playing cards, sewing or knitting, and doing house chores. We help low vision patients of all ages from Suffolk County at our Southampton, NY low vision clinic.

Reliable Provider of Top Class Low Vision Services

Dr. Schoenbart and the team at Low Vision Optometry, remain your go-to provider of low vision services in Suffolk County, Long Island. Our optometrist, Dr. Schoenbart, has undergone comprehensive training on how to diagnose and help patients with low vision and other visual impairments.

Our optometrist will make use of our state-of-the-art testing, diagnosis and fitting equipment and the latest techniques to examine the issue with your eye both from a medical perspective and to understand the best way to help you reach maximum vision. Our low vision eye exams are detailed, precise, and accurate. We make carry out OCT scans and Visual Field Testing to determine the state of your eye and the severity of the visual impairment. With this, we can recommend the ideal low vision aid or glasses that will improve your vision and reduce further deteriorations. Please allow for up to 3 hours for a low vision exam, we highly recommend speaking with our low vision doctor by phone before scheduling in order to ensure that we can help you.

Our Low Vision Devices

Our Southampton low vision doctor will provide you with the ideal low vision devices, tools, prism glasses and telescope glasses that can help improve your remaining vision. Using the result of the diagnoses, our eye doctor will recommend the ideal low vision device for you. Some of the low vision devices and telescope glasses that we offer include:

  • Magnifiers (handheld, stand-alone, mounted, digital and optical)
  • Escoop glasses
  • Bioptic telescopes
  • Prisms and Prismatic reading glasses
  • Aids to reduce glare and enhance visual contrast
  • Guides that help people to focus on non-visual cues (sound and feel) to assist with identification
  • Computer programs

These low vision aids are very effective and are guaranteed to help improve your vision. The recommended device will be personalized to fit your perfectly. No matter the cause or severity of your low vision condition, we have the ideal low vision aid for you.

We Provide Low Vision Rehabilitation Programs

Low Vision Services in Garden City

In addition to recommending low vision devices, we also offer diverse rehabilitation programs for low vision patients. These include:

Expert tips and coping skills for your low vision condition

  • Professional guidance and assistance on how to use adaptive devices, such as magnifiers, binoculars, and computer programs
  • Expert training to help you carry out your day-to-day tasks and chores more efficiently and independently
  • Home modification help to ensure that your home is safe and suited for your low vision
  • Support services to help you live and cope with the loss of vision

In addition, we also provide detailed Information about additional resources, such as Medicare-funded occupational therapy. Our low vision rehabilitation programs will provide you with everything you need to use your low vision aids and live a quality life.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Is your vision impairment preventing you from living a quality life and doing the things you love the most? Have you been told that traditional eyeglasses or contacts cannot improve your eye condition? An eye condition shouldn’t prevent you from carrying out the activities you love best.

Contact us today at Low Vision Optometry. Our Suffolk County low vision team will be available to speak with you and recommend the right low vision aid or glasses for you. With this, you can regain your independence and see clearly. A fantastic experience awaits you.

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